OmniSci Accelerated Analytics Platform

OmniSci brings you the new age of accelerated analytics with an open platform that unites analytics, data science and location intelligence workflows.

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The Converged Analytics Platform

Insights from your largest datasets at the speed of curiosity

Fastest SQL DB

Query multi-billion record datasets in milliseconds, no pre-prep required

Augmented Analytics

Analytics + Data Science = AI + BI

Massively Scalable

Interactively query and visually explore your largest datasets

Machine Accelerated Insight

Accelerate the power of human intuition by pairing speed-of-curiosity visual exploration with deep integration into the Python data science ecosystem.

  • Your favorite data science tools, now 100X+ faster with CPU+GPU parallel compute

  • Visual data discovery, feature engineering, and model inspection in a single seamless workflow

  • Whether data scientist or business analyst, OmniSci provides a unified view of your data

Bridge Space and Time

Effortlessly answer questions around the when and where in your data, without needing to index, downsample, or pre-aggregate

  • See billions of points, lines, and polygons in granular detail with the OmniSci render engine

  • Do more with your geospatial data with native support for ingest of common geo file formats and OGC SQL geo types and operators

  • Put your data in context with Immerse Visual Data Fusion, allowing multiple sources to be visualized and cross-filtered on a time-series chart or a multi-layered map

Business Intelligence Evolved

The OmniSci Converged Analytics Platform lets you scale your data and expand your use cases beyond the limitations of traditional BI.

  • Instantly cross-filter and visually interrogate all of your data in OmniSci Immerse, regardless of scale

  • Leverage the blazing fast SQL and Python data science integrations of OmniSciDB for deeper analysis

  • Reap the benefits of an open platform and accelerate third-party BI, GIS, and data science platforms with standard ODBC, JDBC, Thrift, and Arrow connectivity

Accelerate Human Intelligence

OmniSci is an enterprise grade, hardware-accelerated analytics platform, purpose built to allow human experts to get to faster, deeper insights and make more data-driven decisions.

How the Fastest Analytics Platform Works

The OmniSciDB in-memory, distributed SQL database has been built from the ground up to tap into the massive computational power and parallelism of modern hardware.