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DigitalPersona® 4500

DigitalPersona 4500 fingerprint reader is a USB peripheral perfect for individual desk top users, as well as multiple users in shared environments.

DigitalPersona® 5300

Digital Persona 5300 reader is designed to satisfy the high-volume requirements of large-scale civil ID and commercial enrollment authentication applications.

HID Lumidigm® M-Series

M-Series readers bring proven multispectral fingerprint imaging to demanding yet cost-sensitive logical access applications, with development tools that help speed your time to market.

HID Guardian™ 200

The industry leader in tenprint livescan capture – providing performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirem ents.

HID® Crossmatch L Scan™

L Scan addresses the need for high resolution fingerprint and palm images for the purpose of enrolling or booking suspects accurately by matching them against any AFIS database..

HID Patrol ID

With Patrol ID, it is easier than ever to enroll individuals, identify “persons of interest”, maintain regulatory compliance or screen employment candidate eligibility.

HID NOMAD™ 30 Pocket Reader

NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader offers an astonishingly thin profile and overall compact footprint not achievable with traditional prism-based or optical-based TFT configurations

HID NOMAD™ 60 Wireless Reader

NOMAD 60 Wireless Reader is a mobile tenprint reader, capturing flatsand rolls, that delivers high-quality results for enrollment, identification and verification applications

Lumidigm® V-Series V371 Fingerprint Reader

It combines the industry-leading biometric authentication of HID Global’s multispectral fingerprint sensors and best-in-class contactless OMNIKEY® desktop card-reading technology for strong multi-factor authentication.

Lumidigm® V-Series Fingerprint Sensors

It delivers an unmatched ability to acquire, excellent biometric interoperability, and best-in-class liveness detection in a robust device for fingerprint authentication

Lumi digm® V-Series V421-NC Fingerprint Sensors

It combines convenient and reliable biometric authentication with variety of security features ideal for banking applications, the V4xx offers individual bank customers easy and worry-free access to their accounts.

DigitalPersona® 4500 Module 

The DigitalPersona® 4500 Module is a miniature USB fingerprint reader designed for integration into OEM equipment where fingerprint verification or identification is needed.


It is a HID Global’s extensive line of biometric solutions for physical access control. Designed for two-factor authentication using fingerprint and/or high frequency credentials.


Designed for door applications requiring multi-factor authentication including biometric templates supports a broad array of credential technologies and a variety of form factors, including cards and fobs.

EikonTouch 710 Reader

EikonTouch®710 capacitive fingerprint reader provides quick and reliable biometric authentication. It has ability to capture a wide range of fingerprints..

HID® SEEK™ Avenger

HID’s third generation SEEK Avenger is a mobile device with an ergonomic design that focuses specifically on military needs.

HID Cabinet Adjustable Height

HID adjustable cabinet system accommodates most HID Guardian™ tenprint readers, as well as HID Crossmatch L Scan™ palm scanners.

Universal Cabinet

HID Global Universal Cabinet accommodates all FBI certified forensic-quality L Scan® palm print and Guardian® family ten-print fingerprint scanners

HID Verifier® Sentry

The Verifier Sentry is a versatile Android-based handheld platform designed for a range of mobile authentication use cases. 

Chameleon 8 Slap

This is a fast, reliable and rugged multimedia biometric device ready for any environment. Dedicated software modules and an easy-to-use interface allow capturing personal data for accurate, real-time recording. It has a 10-finger (4-4-2)

Chameleon  5R Dual

Rugged 5 ”handheld device that offers multi-modal biometric and data capture featuring dual fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, and voice capture and recognition. Amazing for anyone that needs to determine authentication on-the-go.