Technical Maintenance

We are committed to high professionality, honesty and accuracy to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our customers،We are committed to providing the best services capabilities and technical competencies.

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 Examples of maintenance work                           


    Maintenance of devices, equipment and programs in the Personality Investigation Department of the General Department of Criminal Evidence and its branches, provided that the regions and governorates

    Maintenance of devices and special equipment
    In the laboratories and laboratories of the Institute of Forensic Sciences in Public Security Training Affairs

    Supply of mobile bags to record vital characteristics

    Documenting an electronic marriage contract


Specialized maintenance projects for laboratories, systems, technical equipment, scientific, vital and security devices in various sectors. Commitment to achieve the maximum satisfaction goals of customers with commitment, honesty, accuracy and good reputation.
We harness all available capabilities and the necessary techniques and technical competencies.
Always to ensure the application of quality and performance levels, to ensure operational efficiency and productivity, and to achieve all customer requirements.

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