HID Guardian™ 200

The industry leader in tenprint livescan capture - providing performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements. .

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                                                                                    COMPACT WET/DRY TENPRINT LIVESCAN WITH GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE


  • Superior wet and dry print capture without recalibration

  • Intuitive instructions via illuminated pictograms

  • Intelligent capture features ensure quality images

  • Rapid auto capture improves efficiency

HID Global continues to set the global standard for reliable, high volume tenprint scanning. The Guardian 200 seamlessly integrates with HID's Integrale™ and MOBS software solutions, as well as customer screening and enrollment applications. Designed to address the challenges associated with high volume identity management applications, the Guardian 200 provides the simplest, fastest and highest quality certified fingerprint capture process.

Applicants are guided by easy to understand illuminated pictograms for attended and semi-attended processing. Because every applicant is unique, the Guardian captures images regardless of skin pigmentation and from both wet and dry fingers without the need to recalibrate the device or pretreat

the hands. Proprietary FlexFlat and FlexRoll features facilitate fingerprint image capture regardless of positioning on the platen. Our patented AutoCapture functionality ensures rapid capture of high quality images for error-free biometric data collection – eliminating the guesswork, errors and range of possible reprint issues. These features not only expedite the process and improve the overall applicant experience, but free the operator to focus on other critical screening and enrollment tasks.

Ideally suited for border control, national ID, and other expedited, high volume screening and enrollment applications, the Guardian 200 delivers enhanced security, proven reliability and a reduced total cost of ownership.



    Simple, fast and high quality fingerprint capture.


    Intuitive instructions via illuminated pictograms

    Product Name

    HID Guardian™ 200

    On-device Display

    Illuminated Pictograms

    Image Resolution

    500 ppi

    Image Greyscale

    8 bit, 256


    6" x 6" x 6.1" (15.24 cm x 15.24 cm x 15.49 cm)

    Capture Platen

    3.2" x 3.3" (8.13 cm x 8.38 cm)


    3.3lbs (1.5 kg)

    Operating Temperatures

    32°F to 122°F (0° C to +50° C) 

    Power Supply


    Ingress Protection Rating

    IP 54

    Operating Systems

    Windows® XP 32-bit; Windows® 7/8.1/10 32 and 64-bit


    Appendix F, UL, CE, RoHS, GS

    Device Interface

    USB 2.0 high speed

    Device Security

    Accepts security cable 



    Flats and Rolls

    Capture Features 

    Auto-Capture, FlexFlats, FlexRolls, wet and dry finger image capture without pretreatment of hands or device recalibration

    Image Quality

    Appendix F, Livescan, and ID Flats (with or without membrane) 

    Optional Components

    Silicone membrane, spoof detection, mounting bracket, cleaning kit

    Security Feature 

    Optional Spoof Detection



    HID Crossmatch L Scan™ Master (optional)


    HID Crossmatch L Scan™ Essentials SDK 7.5 or later

    Data subject to change without notice.