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HID DigitalPersona® Premium Solution

The HID DigitalPersona software offers a new way to provide authentication services to users. Whereas traditional 2FA/MFA solutions are stuck on “what you have/what you know”, DigitalPersona leverages an array of easily deployable authentication methods so users can quickly and easily gain access to their cloud applications, such as Microsoft 365, VPNs, corporate networks, Windows desktops, Citrix applications and more.

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HID Passport Datapage Technology

Governments around the world are implementing passport solutions that help better protect their borders while facilitating convenience and respecting the privacy of travelers. Advanced, multi-technology solutions are increasingly the norm to achieve an important balance between security, functionality, and return on investment.

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Versatile Identity Verification

For user-friendly and secure digital onboarding
An intuitive and intelligent identity verification solution that can be customized in minutes and integrated in days.

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